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Is Your Listing Agent Helping Or Hurting Your Home Sale?

boise real estate agentHiring a listing agent to help you sell your home is important in the Boise real estate market, and choosing that listing agent is key to getting your home sold. Far too many real estate agents in Boise list homes with the express purpose of "double ending", or representing both the seller and the buyer to earn both commissions, the transaction. As a result, many serious buyers are turned away, along with their agents, which may prevent your home from selling altogether. In order to help you avoid choosing an agent in Boise that will do this, I have assembled a brief list of questions to ask your listing agent prior to listing, to make sure they know you are aware of the afore mentioned strategies.


  • Expressly state to them your opposition to both dual representation and dual representation with assigned agents
    • In Idaho both of these forms of representation allow a real estate agent to earn commission from both buyer and seller. A listing agent who is willing to sign a statement like this, or indicate this option on their representation agreement is an honest one.
  • Request a written copy of their marketing plan
    • By putting their marketing plan in writing you can keep them accountable for the amount of time and money they are going to spend marketing your home
  • Call the Idaho Real Estate Commission
    • Check with the local MLS, Realtor associations and IREC to see if this agent has had any claims against them. If they have, keep interviewing agents.
  • Ask them for a resume which includes all real estate offices they have worked with
    • Gathering a comprehensive list of brokerages that your possible listing agent has worked with will let you know how often they have switched brokerages. If they have bounced around a lot, you may want to choose someone else.
  • Proof read your own MLS listing
    • checking the information on your home listing for errors may prevent agents showing up with buyers at odd times or similar misunderstandings.

Keeping this simple list of tactics you can employ to make sure you get a good listing agent will not only work here in Boise, but in just about any other part of the nation that they apply. Make sure to plan for some added market time as inventory in Boise is still backed up, and may be for quite a while.

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